Sleep Tight!

Insomnia; What kind of Insomnia? Leave yourself in our capable hands and prepare for the best night's sleep of your life following this ABSOLUTE relaxation experience: 50' Feel Good' relaxing massage, 30' Dreamcatcher relaxing face-head massage, Eyes Glow treatment, and eye mask.
Duration 110 '. Price: € 85

Pick Me Up

Do you expect a day with intense rhythms? Did you go a little too hard in the gym? We are here to stimulate you in the way that you deserve: 50' Business Tonik - deep tissue tonic massage, 30'Detox Body Scrub exfoliation and lymphatic system stimulation, and 15'Forever Young' regenerative facial massage.
Duration 95 '. Price: € 60

Smells Like Candy!

If you are a fan of sweets - and who is not!? - enjoy this calorie-free trip to the land of Chocolate, Vanilla, and Caramel!! 30' Vanilla and Caramel Aromatherapy Massage, 60' Choco Body treatment with exfoliation, hydration, and firming chocolate mask, 40' Choco Face treatment for nourishment and regeneration.
Duration: 130 '. Price € 85

Secrets of the Orient

The wisdom of the East, condensed into a one-of-a-kind ritual that will provide you with renewal and relaxation. 50' Dreams of India' massage based on Ayurvedic philosophy, 20'Rejuvance face lift massage, glow treatment, and face mask for radiance and hydration.
Duration: 95 '. Price € 75

Detox Ritual

Stress, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle burden our body with toxins and retention. Allow us to detoxify and rejuvenate your body so you can feel "like new" with a one-of-a-kind rejuvenation experience: 50' Lymphatic Massage against Retention, 60' Detoxifying Body Treatment with Exfoliation, Targeted Massage, and Mask Caviar Special facial treatment that nourishes and renews the skin.
Duration 115 '. Price € 105


  • You get a 10% discount for the Garden Bar after every massage session, within a 10-day period of time.
  • Cellulite / 6 massage sessions
    1 out of the 6 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea. 1 or 2 appointments per week
  • Ask for our Loyalty Card to get 1 free session when you get a total of 7 massage sessions
  • Lymphatic massage: 1 out of the 6 massage sessions is on the house, along with the tea.
  • Lymphatic massage: 2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea.
  • Cellulite / 12 massage sessions, special tea and anti-cellulite cream:
    2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea and anti-cellulite cream. 1 or 2 appointments per week