Massage.Me treats with love, care and respect all visitors. Think of a shelter, where you can leave your problems behind, rejuvenate your body and reboot your mind. Relax after a day of hard work, exhausting city exploration or a long day of doing nothing. We offer massage services designed for your individual needs. Combining Eastern and Western philosophy, we focus on massage types that achieve balance for a tired body, mind and soul. We believe that massage should be a daily habit for everyone, not just for the few. That’s why we offer services with flexible durations for all busy bees at the best rates. At Massage.Me you get to experience what relaxation really means.

Always remember, someone busier than you is getting a massage right now. Make time for yourself.

Why Massage.Me?

Massage Spa Thessaloniki treatments

Our massage is truly unique. Whether this is the first time you get a massage or your the type of person that gets massaged three times a week at Massage.Me, be sure that it is unique each time. Why? Because you and your needs are unique. A visit at Massage.Me is more than than just a treatment. It’s an experience.

Your Massage.Me therapist

Your Massage.Me therapist is a super-hero. Or even better YOUR superhero. Brings peace in troubled and busy minds, releases your tension, helps you detox your body, relaxes you, and delivers to you their enthusiasm for life. Discovering where your body needs to be massaged and why even if you don’t realize it can be added to the above superpowers as well.

The place

Making you feel like you’re at home. Imagine a place where you feel welcome and accepted. The place is carefully designed and minimally decorated to get your mind in reboot mode from the very first moment. You and your body don’t need four walls, you need a fortress and a healer. Every corner triggers each and all of your senses at once. Massage.Me is the place that addresses senses and soul. The perfect place to rejuvenate your body and reboot your mind.




Feel Good 30’ / 50’ / 70'

Healing 30’ / 50' / 70’
Deep tissue

Dream Catcher 30’
Relaxing head massage

Forever Young 30’
Facial massage

Photoshop 50’
Anti-Cellulite Massage with dry peeling

Detox 50’
Lymphatic massage

Signature 70’
Full body and head massage with hot stones and olive oil

Sun Burn 50’
With aloe vera. Βeneficial for the skin especially after sun exposure

Super Kid 30’
Relaxing with chocolate therapy

Business Tonic 30' / 50’
Relaxing head and back, stimulant head massage with basil

Crazy Greek 50’
Stimulant with tsipouro

Thai me up 50’ / 90'
This massage is about stretching and exercising pressure in specific spots on your body to achieve flexibility and rejuvenation.



Fast but Complete 15'
Full body



  • You get a 10% discount for the Garden Bar after every massage session, within a 10-day period of time.
  • Cellulite / 6 massage sessions
    1 out of the 6 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea. 1 or 2 appointments per week
  • Ask for our Loyalty Card to get 1 free session when you get a total of 7 massage sessions
  • Lymphatic massage: 1 out of the 6 massage sessions is on the house, along with the tea.
  • Lymphatic massage: 2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea.
  • Cellulite / 12 massage sessions, special tea and anti-cellulite cream:
    2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea and anti-cellulite cream. 1 or 2 appointments per week