Massage is no longer available only through luxury spas and upscale health clubs. We offer therapies designed for your individual needs. Integrating Eastern and Western modalities we focus on therapeutic treatments that achieve balance for a tired body, mind and soul. Our treatments relieve tension associated with the daily stress of your busy life while it helps you maintain good health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. The benefits of receiving a massage are many. It reduces restriction and tightness in the muscles thus preventing injuries, it improves circulation, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system thus preventing diseases and improves posture. It also stimulates the release of endorphins, body’s natural painkillers, into the brain and nervous system. Now you know the importance of integrating a massage into your schedule. Our rates are affordable, and we offer a variety of durations so that you can schedule an appointment according to your convenience.

So now you have no excuses! Make treatments part of your lifestyle and you can thank us later.


Let us take you in a journey, to the secrets of India.

One ancient philosophy from India comes to soothe those problems caused by the modern way of life – stress,emotional blocking,psychosomatic problems,muscle tension- offering a holistic approach : Ayurveda.

Ayurveda means Knowledge of Life. Its main purpose is to bring balance to the body and soul, through a ritual which, by alternating slow and fast movements, deep and surface massage and with the help of aromatherapy, delivers discharge and relaxation while also stimulating and revitalizing.

50' - €35, 90’ - €60

Thai yoga massage is shy-friendly! Why? Because you don't have to take off your clothes. This massage is about stretching and exercising pressure in specific spots on your body to achieve flexibility and rejuvenation.

In the East it is concerned as exercise for the lazy ones! It drastically releases the tension of your body by streamlining your energy.

Does it hurt? NO!

Just relax!

30’ - €25 / 50’ - €35 / 70' - €50

Relax. It’s massage time. For 30', 50' or 70' minutes the center of the world is you. Farewell everything that stresses you or makes you feel anxious. You’ll get to feel like you are in a dreamy place free of everyday’s problems. With the FeelGood treatment, we practice subtle techniques that have a deep effect on your muscles’ tension aiming to release it and heal the pain.

+Addons: Hot stones on all of your body aiming to an effective muscle and mind tension release.

  • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body
30’ - €25 / 50’ - €35 / 70' - €50

Things get serious when you get the Healing treatment. With this type of massage, we put each and every muscle under the microscope. The goal? Release you from the tension and pains of your everyday's habits. Do you spend tons of hours in front of a computer? Is you job post physically demanding? Perhaps you gym training is far too exhausting. Have you gotten tired of everyday battles? No worries Massage.Me holds the key to your body’s rejuvenation. At the Healing treatment each and every action of our aims to reach the central point of your muscles and connective tissue in order to heal your exercising or bad habits traumas.

+Addons: Hot stones on all of your body aiming to an effective muscle and mind tension release.

  • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body, or half of it. Your call.
30’ - €25 /

Do you have a lot in your mind? Perhaps this causes insomnia along with the stress and constant headaches. We feel for you that's why we have created the Dream Catcher massage type just . The reason why you'll love the Dream Catcher is the relaxation and stress release you'll feel after the session. Your head and neural system will "melt" under your Massage.Me therapist's touch. Be sure that after that you will feel stronger than ever.

Along with your head the Dream Catcher reaches to your neck and back, why? Well if you really want to know it’s because the neurons connected to your tensed muscles of your upper back and neck are usually connected to those headaches you have every other day, hence a head massage combined with a neck and upper back massage is the real deal when it comes to releasing your minds tension.

+Addons: Oil
  • Where the magic kicks in: Head, face, neck and back
30’ - €25

Wrinkles? The first or yet one more among the others? You’ve probably heard it hundreds of times, everyday’s tension is resembled to your face.The Forever Young treatment will soothe your tense muscles, hydrate them and increase the collagen production in your skin. Your wrinkles will gradually extinct and you’ll look younger and healthier more than ever.

+Addons: Hot stones on all of your body aiming to an effective muscle and mind tension release.
  • Where the magic kicks in: Face and neck
    • Get Forever Young faster with a repeated visit bundle. Ask your therapists how.
50’ - €35

Cellulite is a terror shared by many. Did you know that with a couple of tricks our therapists can make it disappear? If you spend sitting in front of a computer or simply just spend hours of sitting then you should definitely put the Photoshop treatment in your schedule.

Here’s why, the fat appears bumpy because it pushes against connective tissue, causing the skin above it to pucker. Anything that increases your circulation and blood oxygenation helps in diminishing the cellulite problem.

We combine a scrub with one or two ouchie tricks to get the best possible result. Let us not forget that we use the best essences that will make your skin smoother than ever.

  • Where the magic kicks in: Thighs mainly, let your therapist know if you need a Photoshop treatment in other parts of your body
    • Get Photoshopped faster with a repeated visit bundle. Ask your therapists how.
50’ - €35

When the lymph system works the way it should, you feel healthy and have a strong immune system. When it doesn't you have swelling, feel tired, and are more susceptible to colds and infections. The lymphatic massage may help the lymph system do its job better. At Massage.Me we have a deep understanding of its anatomy and function. Your massage therapist will do their magic tricks and help your body in clearing sluggish tissues of waste and swelling.

  • Where the magic kicks inς: The lymph system .
    • Get Detox-ed faster with a repeated visit bundle. Ask your therapists how.
70' - €50

The ultimate relaxation experience. By combining the power of hot stones along with the soothing touch of olive oil and ancient greek techniques, we have created this unique massage. A holistic treatment for the soul and body, it acts as aν anxiolytic and anti-depressing helping your body get fully rejuvenated and your skin soothed.

  • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body and head .
30' - €25 / 50’ - €35

Everyone loves summer and the sun, however sometimes this love carries us away and we get… well sunburned. We’ve all been there. Now you get to let go of all the homemade treatments you’ve heard of. At Massage.Me we use the wondrous benefits of aloe vera to soothe your sunburn.

Aloe vera deals in the most effective possible way every casual sunburn due to its therapeutic characteristics to the epithelial skin layer. It creates a sort of protective layer which helps in body hydration and skin aging.

  • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body .
    30’ - €25

    A massage treatment specially created for younglings. The Super Kid treatment contains a set of stretches in order to relax the muscles and release the tension due to exhausting studying or playing. Next is a relaxing massage with chocolate that releases the stress and “fixes” the mood. The Super Kid treatment is perfect to get it before sleep.

    • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body .
      30’ - €25 / 50’ - €35

      Your phone keeps ringing, you are constantly on the move attending meeting after meeting. Your mind is at the verge of "exlploding". What is you need is something more than a relaxation session, you need to invigorate your body.

      What you get at Massage.Me is a massage treatment that focuses both on your mind and body. Τhe Business Tonic session aims to the release the tension from your exhausted limbs and relaxation of your neck. Along with that your circulatory system gets a boost, giving energy to your body.

      The business tonic is ideal before or after work, even at your lunch break. Your call.

      • Where the magic kicks in: Head, neck, back and legs .
        50’ - €35

        A massage treatment with greek tsipouro? That's right! The results of this treatment will really amaze you, this massage will "warm" your tensed muscles, help your circulatory and respiratory system. If winter has come then you'll be happy to know that the Crazy Greek treatment is perfect if you're dealing with a cold or trying to avoid one.

        • Where the magic kicks in: The whole body .
          30’ - €25

          They support us and carry us around the world every single day. Why not reward them with a Foot Heaven massage! We start with a foot bath of refreshing essential oils and thermal salts. Then we deeply massage those feet with both toning and relaxing techniques. Get ready to step on clouds!

          30’ - €25 / 50’ - €35 / 70' - €50

          What does your grandmother and Hippocrates have in common? They both love cupping! And there is a good reason for this: they improove blood flow, remove toxins through the lympatic system, decrease mussle pain, relief from rheumatic and arthritic pains and relief to the respiratory system, especially in cases of cough, asthma and colds. It also eases menstural pain! Anything else? We will be using soft silicone cups that do not cause any pain. Let's start!



          Fast but Complete

          15’ - €10

          Time is a luxury we can't give you. But massage is. In 15' we massage your head, neck, back, legs and hands. You'll feel relaxed and stronger to continue your day or return home.



          • You get a 10% discount for the Garden Bar after every massage session, within a 10-day period of time.
          • Cellulite / 6 massage sessions
            1 out of the 6 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea. 1 or 2 appointments per week
          • Ask for our Loyalty Card to get 1 free session when you get a total of 7 massage sessions
          • Lymphatic massage: 1 out of the 6 massage sessions is on the house, along with the tea.
          • Lymphatic massage: 2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea.
          • Cellulite / 12 massage sessions, special tea and anti-cellulite cream:
            2 out of the 12 massage sessions are on the house, along with the tea and anti-cellulite cream. 1 or 2 appointments per week